psychology work
June 6, 2022
inds discussion 3
June 6, 2022

Answer the test questions below completely and fully for full credit. This requires a minimum of two substantive paragraphs for each answer with a minimum total of 300 words for the combined paragraphs, not including source credits. Use your textbook, your required supplementary material, and outside academic scholarly sources, excluding encyclopedic sites like Wikipedia or sites that answer questions for users like and Yahoo Answers, to answer the questions completely.  All sources used in writing answers must be source credited.

Textbook:  Malone, J. (2009). Psychology : Pythagoras to Present. MIT Press, Cambridge: MA

Due Wednesday, 2017-Apr-26 11:55 PM.

1.  How did Pavlov demonstrate the basic phenomena of conditioning, extinction, generalization, and differentiation?


2.  Explain how Thorndike ruled out the idea that cats could learn to escape through reasoning and imitation.


3.  Compare and contrast two different schools of psychology. An example would be Gestalt and Behaviorism.


4.  Discuss the effect the Renaissance had on psychology.


5.  Discuss the trends that psychology has in the new millennium.


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