Health Sciences The Abdellah Theory / Issues
August 20, 2021
Most people believe that individual?s with mental illnesses, specifical?ly schizophre?nia are predispose?d to being violent.
August 20, 2021

1. Provide a bulleted list of your learning points from the clinical case you analyzed this week and the salient features of what you have envisioned for patient education in your care plan. List key key points about the patient’s presenting diagnoses, how you determined these, what diagnostic tests you ordered to confirm your diagnoses, and most importantly, how your learning from the other care plans has impacted your knowledge of patient education for musculoskeletal system.
Week 5: Musculoskeletal Clinical Case

A 40-year-old Asian American male, who works as a roofer, complains that three days ago he was lifting a heavy object at work, following which he got low back pain. The pain is in the middle of the back near his waist. The pain increases when he bends forward and he is experiencing numbness and tingling in the toes of his right foot. He has had similar symptom

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