Health Care Research Methods, analysis and Utilization
August 20, 2021
Health Sciences The Abdellah Theory / Issues
August 20, 2021

For this assignment, using your selected nursing curriculum design, identify the fundamental theory, framework, or model that you believe is the basis for the curriculum. Provide an overview of the history of the identified model and explain how it is demonstrated within your selected nursing curriculum design.

In addition to your unit readings, include references from at least two peer-reviewed journals not required for this course.

Your paper should be 3–4 pages in length, not including the title page and the reference page, and follow proper APA style and formatting.

Here is what the paper is on
The educational setting for my course project is a hospital based school of nursing.  The school is a 21-month diploma program where the students attend classes five days a week, as well as clinical, which generally run from 0700-1500 twice a week.  The school is a private for profit institution with an enrollement of about 135.

The curriculum was originally developed back in the early 1980’s and there has only been one major revision and that is when they phased out the 3 year program and began the 2 year program in 1995.  Since then there have only been a few minor revisions made.

The curriculum devlopment process begins with the development of a philosophy.  The philosophy serves as a guidefor the entire curriculum.  In diploma education, the philosophy needs to be congruent to the philosophy of the hosptial.  After the philosophy is developed then the cenceptual framework is formulated.  In terms of what subject matter to include in a curriculum, periodically they map the curriculum to see what topics are currently taught and what needs to be added or deleted based on evidence based practice.  This is more the process of revising a curriculum then developing one.  There are also concepts and subconcepts which are like threads which are in every course.  For this institution, it is things such as nursing process, nutrition, biopsychosocial and spritiual aspects, just to name a few.  The curriculum is also taught grom simple to complex.

After researching schools and talking with educators, I believe that a nursing informatics class should be integrated into the program. A significant change that we have witnessed is the up rise of technology with all patient care.  Pen and paper is no longer used in the documentaion whereas all documentation is done through electonic records.

The rapid growth in information technology has already had a radical impact on health care delivery and the education of nurses. Nurses of the 21st century need to be skilled in the use of computer technology. Already, distance-learning modalities link students and faculty from different locales and expand the potential for accessible continuing professional education. Technologies are frequently used in health care “to help health care professionals make clinical decisions” (Englebardt & Nelson, 2002, p. 121).

Englebardt, S., & Nelson, R. (2002). Health care informatics. An interdisciplinary approach. St Louis, MO: Mosby Elsevier.

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