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July 12, 2018

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     The delivery of high-quality care is so important for nurses to achieve. In order to achieve these goals of improved patient outcomes, nurses must provide new and improved ideas to administration and leadership teams. If the idea is not strongly presented, changes will be hard to achieve. One weakness that I possess in professional presentations is public speaking. I do not enjoy public speaking at all and I struggle with standing in front of my peers and adults around the hospital that I work with. One method of improving this weakness is to practice. Practice makes progress and the only way I will get better and overcome my fear is to practice and improve. 

     One strength of my professional presentation is dedication and preparedness. I’m don’t wait until the last minute to start or finish my project and I hate procrastination. I come prepared and ready for anything. I will know my information that I am presenting and I will be prepared for any questions. Becoming a BSN student allows for the transformation into a leadership style of nursing and by focusing on self-awareness (Strickland, Cheshire & Neal, 2019). Using the skills that I have learned in this program, has made me a stronger and more confident nurse. These behaviors and skills acquired are critical in the workplace and to be able to present a topic of change in the formal setting.  

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