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July 12, 2018

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In leading a professional presentation I have both strengths and weaknesses that are evident. One of my strengths in completing a presentation professionally is creating the content of the presentation. I do well with putting together information in an attractive format such as a video or power point presentation. This helps in sharing the content of the presentation and engaging the audience. A weakness I have related to professional presentations is the nerves surrounding public speaking. This has been an issue I have always faced with presentations as I get nervous speaking in front of groups of people. This causes me to stumble over words or limit eye contact with the audience. To improve on this weakness one tip is to prepare and practice before giving the presentation (North, 2020). By practicing the presentation the content becomes more familiar and reduces anxiety during the presentation. This is important to improve on because I want the audience to be focused on the content and feel confident in the information which requires me to present it confidently.

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