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July 12, 2018

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Sustaining practice changes after implementation of evidence-based interventions can be difficult. When an intervention is introduced it is new and typically presented or discussed with staff members via presentation, in-service, e-mail, etc. so that everyone is getting the information and it is well known. As time passes, the intervention becomes less discussed and it can become less utilized. My project focuses on implementing an educational tool regarding signs and symptoms, risk factors and interventions associated with tumor lysis syndrome. The educational tool is indicated for new graduate nurses transitioning to practice on an oncology unit but is also beneficial to all nurses on the unit. As the tool is presented, I expect it to be referenced more frequently but as time passes it may not be referenced as frequently.

An additional barrier is lack of time. Nurses are busy and whether first starting out on the unit or if they have been there for a longer period, it can be difficult to browse through all of the resources available while at work. To overcome this barrier, I plan to have the educational tool uploaded to our oncology unit’s webpage leading to quick and easy access. I also plan on working with my manager to put the information in the new hire packets for new nurses on our unit. This will help nurses access the tool as it will be available in multiple locations.

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