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July 12, 2018


POWERPOINT!!! —  Students will chose one real quality improvement (QI) measure from approved list below and describe strategies for improving outcomes of care in the setting as it relates to the QI. 

1) Use a variety of sources of information to review outcomes of care and identify potential areas for improvement. 

2) Propose appropriate aims for quality improvement efforts. 

3) Assist leadership in shaping the dialogue about chosen QI by referencing key points of impact for providing best practices. 

4) Use a minimum of three resources cited in APA format. 


Hospital acquired pressure ulcers (HAPU) 

Patient falls – with injury 

Catheter associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) 

Central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) 

Patient handovers 

Surgical site infections including colorectal and/or hysterectomy 



Venous thromboembolism (VTE) 

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