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July 12, 2018


When researching information, many, as have I, use Google scholar and the Internet for obtaining articles and information relevant to the topic of choice. After looking over many databases, there is a noticeable difference in information and resources that are available depending on what is used. The two database engines that seem relevant in providing support towards my capstone project proposal are PubMed and Cochrane library. PubMed is one source that is free and gives users access to millions of published articles related to health and biomedicine (GCU, n.d.). Biomedicine is useful in nursing and will be for the capstone project because it applies principles of biology and biochemistry to health research and practice. This is important as it gives health professionals supportive and evidence-based data to guide them during care. PubMed provides citations for articles, and additional database such as MEDLINE, PMC, NIH, and NCBI. In addition, Grand Canyon University shares the Cochrane library, which has high quality information that can help health professionals make relevant and sound decisions, using one of the six databases or groups it comprises (GCU, n.d.). For the use of the proposal, Cochran library will provide me with controlled trials, economy, technology, and reviews of relevant health sources. Together they make up strong collab for executing an assignment or goal. Although using common Internet search engines can be useful, they may provide articles that are or may not be scholarly, are opinion based, commercial, conflicted funded, or not supported by evident sources. 


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When doing research to develop an evidence-based practice project proposal, it is imperative that your data comes from reputable databases that give dependable research for your proposal. Peer reviewed and critically appraised articles from an creditable database ensures that your research is valid. Using Google Scholar or another website source does not provide the same credibility. According to Rada, (2020) Google Scholar is not a valid source because it is not a reliable way to filter current best evidence from unsubstantiated or non-scientifically supervised sources (Rada, 2020.)

The Grand Canyon library has a wide range of databases to use for my Capstone project. I like the CINAHL and Cochrane Library databases for my project. I choose CINAHL because it is a research tool for health professionals containing access to nursing and other health journals and articles. This database covers information to help numerous health specialties in their research (CINAHL, 2020). I feel it will offer different perspectives and multi-disciplinary views of the problem that I am proposing to change.

The other database that I will use is the Cochrane Library. It provides a collection of databases containing different types of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making (Cochrane Library, 2020). Both library databases make valuable information more accessible, to be used in decision making (GCU, 2019).

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