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July 12, 2018


This week you are responsible for completing the Services section of your written assignment that is due next week.  While you will not be submitting this section until next week, it is important that you stay on top of your work and complete this section of the assignment.  If you put this work off until next week, you will find that the workload for next week is too much to handle!

For a complete description of the requirements for the Services section of your Business Plan, please read the written assignment description provided in the course syllabus.  Your work will be graded based on the points assigned in the written assignment grading rubric, so be sure to review the rubric prior to starting your work.

As you start to work on your assignment, you may find this article from the U.S. Small Business Administration to be helpful: Write Your Business Plan (Links to an external site.)

If you have any questions about the assignment, please email me.

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