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July 12, 2018

 It is evident that the nurse is not providing culturally congruent care, according to Burkhardt and Nathaniel (2020), “dealing with diversity is an essential component of nursing care, nurses are expected to demonstrate competence in providing culturally congruent care” (p.295). On page 296 Burkhardt and Nathaniel states “cultural competence includes cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, cultural safety, and linguistic competency”, however in the scenario the nurse did not practice cultural competence neither did the nurse avoid ethnocentrism. Fowler et al. (2012) says “When a challenge to health occurs, the religious person typically relies on practices or rituals of his or her tradition to find comfort or guidance” (p.321). Therefore, as the nurse I would assess spirituality and keep those things in mind during intake of the patient, I would note them in the chart so that all are aware. As the nurse I would allow the mom to continue with her doings, I would assure her that she is in a safe environment to incorporate her beliefs and culture. I would guide cultural sensitivity, cultural safety, and cultural awareness. 

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