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July 12, 2018


Fast food restaurants continue to come under fire regarding the unhealthy nature of the menu.  Is it even possible to “eat healthy” at a fast food restaurant?  Your challenge is to find out.  Go online and access the menu for your “favorite” fast food place.  Construct a meal plan for the day that does the following:

1) Meets your daily recommended calorie intake allowance.

2) Meets your requirements for being tasty and palatable.  (e.g.  would you actually order it?)

3)  Post your meal plan using the following:

a) total calories

b) total calories from fat, carbs, and proteins

c) total sodium intake

d) total saturated fat intake (g)

You can also use https://nutritiondata.self.com/ to find information if other sources fail.  

Lastly, VOTE!!!  I’d like to see which meal plan gets the most votes.  Voting is based on the “I’d eat that” scale

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