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July 12, 2018


Nursing Scholarship of Practice Poster Session – Abstract Template

Poster presentations submitted should describe innovative projects and lessons learned in the practice of nursing.

1. Authors’ names, credentials, and affiliations (primary and co-authors):

2. Corresponding author’s email address and phone number:

3. Nursing program or practice specialization that best fits your poster presentation:

  A. Nursing Education

  B. Nursing Executive

  C. Nursing Informatics

  D. BSN Student Project

  E. DNP Student Project

  F Other Nursing Specialty Project

4. Title of presentation (12 words or less):

5. Beginning date of project:   

6. Ending date of project:   (if the project is ongoing indicate that here)

Please describe your project by answering items 7–15 below. Do not exceed 300 words total in your responses. Objectives must be formatted correctly. Start the objective with the descriptive word (e.g., describe, analyze, differentiate, etc.)

7. Setting of project:

8. Problem addressed:

9. Objectives of project:

10. Intervention or change implemented, if any:

11. Implications for practice:

12. Actions and methods used to solve the problem and meet the objectives:

13. Evaluation strategies used to determine whether the objectives were met:

14. Outcomes:

15. Lessons learned (recommendations for practice):

16. References:

A minimum of 3 references are required. References must be APA formatted.

References and the items addressed in 1–6 are not included in the abstract’s 300-word count.

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