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July 12, 2018

 Submit a 1,000-word paper that addresses your career trajectory and opportunities for advancement. Specifically: 

  • Name and describe the purpose of a professional organization you may be interested in joining. Explain the organization’s benefits, such as working groups, continuing education, and/or job banks or listings. Considering these offerings from the organization, explain why membership would be valuable for your professional development and professional goals.

USE THE:  American Organization for Nursing Leadership 

  • Identify a professional certification that interests you and explain why. Describe the benefits of and requirements for certification. Explain your plans for obtaining this certification. 


  • Share a statement about your current ambitions that include at least two goals related to your specialty area. Describe your intended involvement in scholarship, leadership, and/or lifelong learning. Explain how you can capitalize on your knowledge and skills to be an effective agent of social change.

 USE THE:  Area for Nursing Executive 

  • Explain how you will search for a nurse executive position, including the resources and strategies used. Describe what you will highlight from your practicum experience in an interview and/or resume. How can the completed Professional Portfolio be used as a tool to advance your career? How might you use it during the interview process?

  • Explain how influential nurse leaders, such as your Preceptor, can assist in advancing your career trajectory.
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