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July 12, 2018

 The theory is  Parent Child Interaction Model( Barnard)

Describe the main ideas  of the theory (should include the assumptions under which the theory 

operates. Identify the main concepts/components  of the selected nursing theory

Provide a background of the theory. What was going on in the profession of nursing or in the 

American society that may have influenced the formation of the theory? 

What values, theories, evidence, and/or existing knowledge did the theorist cite as support for

the theory? 

What motivated the theorist to write the theory? 

How does the theory address the metaparadigm concepts of person, nursing, environment and health

How do you implement the components or concepts of this theory in your nursing practice.  Give an 



Citations from the course text is required and from current nursing journals. 2014-2020 articles

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