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July 12, 2018



Learning is acquiring knowledge and skills that can be transferred to situations in the non-academic world. It is about applying the concepts learned. Through the study of psychology information has been gathered about information processing and improving learning and memory.

For this assignment you will do some research and create a Power Point presentation meeting the following criteria:

  1. Your presentation will have a Title Slide and a reference slide. These do not count in the total required. (total-2 slides)
  2. You will include 1 slide that explains the information processing model. You will create 1 slide that explains how that model has evolved over time. (total-2 slides)
  3. Discuss how the two-track mind helps individuals to encode, retain and recall information. (1-2 slides)
  4. How does the brain retain information using implicit and explicit memory systems? Discuss how emotions and changes at the synapse level impact memory processing (1-2 slides)
  5. Discuss techniques to improve memory and study habits. Provide at least five suggestions. (1-2 slides)

Your full Power Point will consist of 7-10 slides, with a minimum of 2 resources (1 article, course textbook). Each side will have images directly related to the content. Each slide will include notes in the Speaker Notes that explain the slide as if you were teaching it someone else.

Assignment Expectations

Length: 15 slides including both images and texts. Notes for each slide that provide a full description of the slide.

Structure: Because a good presentation has few words on the slides include a script in the notes section of the Power Point for each slide with the verbiage you would use as if you were teaching the information. The script/notes should be a minimum of 30-50 words that clearly express the important points of each slide. These may be in the Speaker Notes section of the slides or submitted separately in a Word document.

References: A minimum of two (2) scholarly reference, including the textbook. APA should be used for in-text citations and references.

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