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July 12, 2018


Referring to chapter 9 of the attached textbook and the webpage below respond to the questions regarding nurse case management. Due 11/17/2020 

1) Visit http://www.cmsa.org/ 

2) 200 words- Explore case management as it relates to population health nursing. 

3) 200 words- Identify consumer-directed information about case managers. 

4) 200 words- How does this information help consumers understand the role of a case manager? 

5) 200 words- How is this information similar or distinguishable from the textbook’s description of a case manager, and/or your own knowledge or observations of the role of a case manager?

6) 200 words- How could you as the nurse case manager use this website? Provide at least 5 examples. 

Essay should be in APA format with subheadings corresponding to each question. Include at least 5 reference. 

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