Hello world!
July 12, 2018

need two case studies 

apa format

references must be less than 5 years 

must have at least 3 references.

please provide proof of turnitin.com 

no plagiarism

providing two templates you can use.

#1 Anemia (Differential diagnosis 1) Cardiac disease 2) varicella  3) Candida)

#2 impetigo (Differential diagnosis 1) herpes simplex  2) cardiac arrhythmia  3) Narcolepsy

please provide 3 differential diagnosis as you will see what I’m referring to when you open my supporting files.

Please be familiar with nursing, medical terms, and carefully review the examples before responding. You may use the template case study to complete the assignment. I am not concerned about pages needed, I am more concerned about qauilty of work.

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