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July 12, 2018

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According to Gaddipati (2019) “The presidential systems have an executive branch that consists solely of the president.”  The president can only serve two terms and gets the position of president by the citizens voting. According to Gaddipati (2019) Presidential responsibilities are “execute and enforce laws of congress, sign the legislation into law, veto bills enacted by congress, and conduct diplomacy with foreign nations.”  For the executive branch a parliamentary system consists of members of parliament and the prime minister. While the members of parliament are elected by citizens the prime minister is elected by the members of parliament (Gaddipati 2019).

In the legislative branch a presidential system  most often contains two houses as oppose to one so there isn’t just one area of power and ensure accountability in the federal government (Gaddipati 2019).  The president approves laws that the legislative branch writes where in comparison in a parliamentary system the legislature approves laws that the prime minister has written (Gaddipati 2019). According to Cobb (2020) “It is the place of the judicial branch to make the ultimate authoritative interpretations of what is legal and what is constitutional.”

The differences are the President is elected and has a specified amount of time they are allowed to be president where as prime minister can remain prime minister for as long as the Parliament wants them to be there (Cobb, 2020)

I feel that the presidential system serves it’s citizens better. The president and members of congress are all voted in by the citizens. This is not true of the parliamentary system. Since parliament elects the prime minister and the prime minister is making the laws I feel the presidential system would make citizens feel like they have more a part in things since all have been elected by the citizens.


Gaddipati, S (2019, June 7). The Parliamentary System Versus the Presidential System. Retrieved November 16, 2020, from https://borgenproject.org/parliamentary-system-versus-presidential-system/

Whitman Cobb, W. N. (2020). Political science today (1st ed.). Washington, DC: Sage, CQ Press.

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