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July 12, 2018

  Dietary supplement. (GINKGO). 

·  The presentation is to be created using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, 2010, or higher.

·  Length is 8-10 slides, NOT including the Title and Reference pages. 

·  The slides must include descriptive and comprehensive information and ONE evidence-based article findings for selected supplement for following elements:

§ Description of Supplement (2 points)

§ Mechanisms of Action (2 points)

§ Usage (2 points)

§ Dosage (2 points)

§ Interactions (2.5 points)

§ Contraindications (2.5 points)

§ Evidence-Based Article Finding (5 points): Find ONE Primary Data Article ONLY (Researcher conducted own study for each designated supplement. Not acceptable for meta-analysis or systematic review article that is the article the authors simply collected and reviewed several existing studies done by other researchers)

§ Nursing Considerations (5 points)

§ Reference (1 point)

PP Slides: Pictures, Words, Colors (1 point )

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