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July 12, 2018


Choose one of the following discussion question options and answer all questions related to it. 

Option 1: Describe the relationship between stress and health. Describe a stressful situation that you have experienced at work or personally. Provide one approach that would work best in that situation to reduce incidence of experiencing the stress, one psychological conditioning strategy to increase resistance to stress, and at least one way in which to manage stress overall.

Option 2: Read the following case scenario below and answer the following questions:

Mary is a 53-year-old female, recently divorced. The couple had one daughter together who now lives in another state. Most of her social network was related to her ex-husband’s family and friends. She lives in a rural area of Kentucky and has been feeling sad and isolated and presents to the clinic for an annual check-up.

Explain how social support affects mental and physical health.

How might this scenario affect Mary’s mental and physical health?

What screening tool might be utilized here? 

How might you respond to Mary and her situation to guide her in self-management of her health?

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